Atheist where did the first matter that caused the big bang come from?

Where did the first matter or energy that caused the big bang from? you cant explain that. it couldnt have just happened. and dont say well were did god come from because hes always existed hes an infinite eternal being. no one created god. now were did the matter come from? and what caused it to “explode” or cause an expansion of space and time?

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    5 days ago

    Why would you aim this at atheists?

    Can you explain in ‘fact’ how our universe began. That’s ‘fact’ not the writings in an ancient book and assumptions.

    Scientists throughout the ages have learnt bed have researched and have deliberated and have experimented, which gives rise to theoretical possibility.

    This theory is based on the scientists work and ‘facts’ they have found along the way.

    These ‘facts’ show the universe is expanding and these facts show that the universe will inevitably implode, when the matter implodes it will give rise to a sigularity, and as a singularity it will start again to expand and create a new universe.

    I am aware that certain groups throughout the world have their own belief system of how the universe was created, but them groups have no scientific proof of their tgeories, they are hearsay and do not even go as far as probability.

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    5 days ago

    This question is very answerable, but the author of the question is clearly prejudiced and looking to cement a pre-existing belief system rather than learn about the fascinating advancements we’ve made in this field in the last few decades. But we should never be so cynical as to refuse what might be an earnest question, despite all evidence to the contrary.

    The big bang occured when a particle that was infinitely small and weighing about ten pounds exploded with force and energy unfathonable to us. The explosion was so powerful that it created electromagnetism, along with the other three primary forces in our universe.

    But where did that matter come from? This has long been considered a “gotcha” question by creationists. The simple answer is that this matter came from energy…a lot of it. Before there apwere atoms there were particles, and before particles energy.

    So where did the energy come from? Short answer – we’re not sure, but possibly something called a false vacuum. Longer answer – nowhere, anywhere…causality didn’t exist before the big bang because the physics that govern our universe didn’t yet exist. There was no spacetime…there was no progression from one moment to another.

    This is hard to grasp because it is completely contrary to how the world we live in works. I bake a cake, where did the cake come from? Ingredients forged into a cake with the application of heat. Where did the heat come from? Electricity generated by (sadly) the burning of fossil fuels, so technically energy that plants long ago took from the sun. And so on. Cause, effect, cause, effect that is traceable through the murky medium we call time. We like to explain everything in our world this way…one thing happened to cause another. And we’re right to do so – the laws of the current universe dictate that all matter, energy and events are traveling through time in a logical, predictable fashion.

    Not so before the big bang. Here, spacetime didn’t exist and there was no causality. It was not a law that one thing had to follow another because there was no space and no time. In our universe, you don’t get something for nothing – a free lunch. But there were free lunches, so to speak, before the big bang because there was no law yet that said you had to have one thing exist before another. So long as the transfer from energy to matter was maintained, the events leading to the big bang work.

    It’s clear why you get gleeful asking the question you have, because you want to apply the laws of our universe where they don’t apply and seek a contradiction. There simply is none. Along a similar line of thinking, we can’t look at the year 1564, see that there weren’t airplanes, then insist that the laws of aeronautics are irrelevant and that manned flight doesn’t actually exist. You wouldn’t do this because you can pinpoint the moment in which man attempted flight, taking us from one state of being to another. Likewise, the big bang is the instant in which our universe went from a state of no causality to a state where this applied.

    So, again, the matter came from energy, and every day we make progress in better understanding this process. The big bang irrefutably happened. Our universe and all the matter within emerged from this event. Stars and planets formed over billions of years. Amino acids and proteins ultimately formed. To better survive they became single-celled organisms. One fateful day, a mutation meant to generate energy more efficiently cause one of them to split, sexually reproducing for the first time. Billions of years later, life became more diverse. 6 million years ago, a common primate ancestor began to evolve into the various primates we know today, including us. All of this happened. Period. We have proved it. There are elements and stages we need to better understand, but those questions do no invalidate the infinite mound of data upon which we base our modern understanding of the origins of the universe and life.

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    5 days ago

    You sound like you’re very young, so I’ll go easy…

    The big bang theory can receive legitimacy from current theories of quantum mechanics. If there is a concentration of energy, infinite in intensity and locality, it would take but a quantum displacement of just the smallest part, or let’s say a significantly large part, say something the size of a hydrogen atom, or perhaps something even heavier, which would be a virtual and hence instantaneous generation, to so appear, such that the energy could be disrupted to imbalance and instability, and cause the entire singularity to expand to a size of incredible scope for its duration.

  • TD
    5 days ago

    Crunch, bang, whatever… no one on here is explaining how something/anything appears from the existence of nothing. Whether there was a prior universe or not doesn’t matter. How do you get something from absolutely nothing? And where is this all taking place? In the fake fairy tale land of nothingness? For a universe to begin, a snake to swallow its tail, or for something to crunch or bang you have to have components to make that happen. Everyone here is starting with a premise… but not explaining how you start with absolute zero… in a place where places and zeroes don’t even exist yet.

  • Mark
    5 days ago

    Truth is we may never know how the universe really began or if it always was. However, that doesn t go to approve or disapprove the existence of God. Throughout the universe you can see patterns or “thumbprints” that amake it hard not to believe in a higher intelligence, a master architect. Now is it possible that there are mysteries which take us out of our comfort zone in order to accept them? Yes. But if you believe in God and you are keeping an open mind to things which are above your understanding, then you will see the bread crumb of a trail God has left for you so that you may believe in Him and one day love as He loves you.

    Now atheists riddle me this: How do you explain the miracles of Guadalupe? The order of nature? The miracle at Fatima? Lourdes? The Shroud of Turin? The Loretto Chapel free standing spiral staircase? I could go on.

    People make science there own truth and bible but science time and time again is not able to explain certain things. After all we have not yet explored 72% of our oceans, there s so much we still don t know. Making knowledge a god is very dangerous.

  • Anonymous
    5 days ago

    “Atheist where did the first matter that caused the big bang come from?”

    Energy. Where did the energy come from? It fell into the black hole in the container Universe, that contains ours as a black hole. And that Universe is similarly contained, and so on, until you enter this Universe crossing over event horizons back into this Universe. So it is essentially a snake that swallowed its tail. Where did the snake come from?

    “Where did the first matter or energy that caused the big bang from?”

    Sure. Another Universe.

    “you cant explain that.”

    Too bad I did, hunh?

    “it couldnt have just happened. and dont say well were did god come from”

    But he couldn’t, by your own admission, nothing can come from nothing.

    “because hes always existed hes an infinite eternal being. no one created god. now were did the matter come from? and what caused it to “explode” or cause an expansion of space and time?”

    The “laws of physics” are all we see today. Why must Religion expect Science to become Religion? You are a very poor troll-er.

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    5 days ago

    I’m not an atheist…

    But my preferred theory is that it came from “The Big Crunch” that preceded the Big Bang.

    The Big Crunch happened when the universe before this one collapsed.

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    5 days ago

    The energy from the Big Bang began to come together to form the subatomic particles which then mades up atoms.

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    5 days ago

    It was all there in the beginning—-only in a different dimensional direction.–Not a part of the 3D aspect of the universe. It moved through a singularity from one “parallell Universe” to our own.

    In a parallel universe all points are accessible from ONE point in our own—and Vice versa. Apparently something happened that disrupted the “separation” between OUR universe and a near by parallel one.—We haven’t quite figured WHAT yet, as our knowledge of parallel universe mechanisms is currently limited.

    In M theory there are several “Sheets or “Branes” (Membranes—hence the “M”) These are 2D representations of parallel 3D universes (represented in 2D so we can see the concept). These Branes are said to have slightly UNDULATING surfaces–think of 3 bedsheets hanging from 3 parallel clotheslines. They are “far enough apart” so they do not usually touch each other “as the wind blows through them”—-In the M theory, a violent reaction takes place should two brane’s surfaces collide—–they may merge via a singularity at contact—-Causing a “BIG BANG” —the contents of one universe flooding into another, so to speak, destructively “Squeezed” through the singularity.

  • Prussian
    5 days ago

    There’s evidence to suggest that the milky way as we know it was formed when two galaxies smashed into each other, thus creating a big bang.

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