Could an island like Guam really tip over if it had too many people on it ?

Like Democrat congressman Hank Johnson said

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  • Philomel
    2 weeks ago

    Guam is a coral head sitting on three pedestals to the ocean floor. During WWII the Japanese had a plan to blow one of them up but they couldn’t go deep enough with SCUBA divers to set explosives to do it.

    The Ocean there is very deep.

    An earthquake could probably do it but it hasn’t happened yet and there have been some big ones.

    Hank hasn’t done enough homework.

    Political speech is not science.

    You probably cannot tip it over by putting people on it. It already has buildings, aircraft and Ships on it and it hasn’t tipped over yet.

  • ?
    2 weeks ago

    Sure : that’s why it is ideal for hosting Joe Biden !!!

  • Kieth
    2 weeks ago

    Islands aren’t floating, they won’t tip over. HOWEVER- I was told by a Navy veteran that 60 million years ago, there was a piece of driftwood floating in the ocean. A bird landed on it, crapped, and flew away. Many more birds, many more years, and today, that gigantic pile of bird crap is the island of Guam.

  • Kathy
    2 weeks ago

    It cannot tip over. The land mass runs to the bottom of the ocean.

  • ?
    2 weeks ago

    Yeah,,,, let’s bring up old news from 2010 like it means something today.

    By the way, does snow in DC mean climate change is fake,, you know, like when Republican Jim Inhofe tried to prove by bringing a snowball into the Capital,,,, and shall we discuss the pile of stupid known as Louis Gohmert,,,

  • ?
    2 weeks ago

    It might if they all weigh as much as old Hank.

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