How does a tv aerial work to produce images on a tv screen?


Knowledgeable answers only!

Knowledgeable answers only!

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  • ?
    3 days ago

    It picks up a string of Radio PULSES that are converted to a string of electricity pulses, which are converted by the TV circuitry to to numbers that represent light dark or colored spots, Then are sent to the TV screen where they are strung across the face of the screen in a row making a LINE forming part of the picture. It will stack 750 to 1040 or so of these lines, in order—-Forming a Picture——And do this many times a second so we see a series of STILL pictures that look like they are moving.

  • ?
    3 days ago

    The TV aerial does not produce images.

    We can get the images by many other means. Cable, USB stick, DVD, Tape.

    The ONLY thing the aerial does is to extract the signal from the air.

    Once it is extracted it is identical to all the other methodologies.

    The signal in the air is a polarized electric and magnetic field.

    In most cases we use various bars to produce a standing wave which increases the intensity for signals coming from the RIGHT direction and reduces it for signals coming from the WRONG direction.

    This passes to a loop that converts the magnetic component into an EMF that is then fed into a wire.

    This is ALL that an aerial does. Nothing more.

  • dawgdays
    3 days ago

    The antenna receives the modulated analog broadcast signal. The TV then processes the signal to extract the digital signal from the analog signal. The digital signal is then used to recreate/update the image. The image data is then presented via the digital display.

  • ?
    3 days ago

    the antenna transmits electromagnetic signal to the air …

    tv image was produced in the studio by cameras … then its signal modulated the rf signal of the transmitter ….transmitted by antenna to the air … your tv antenna catches it ( electromagnetic wave induces a current on the antenna rod) … this signal is very very low … microvolt … this was amplified on the tv tuner … then was demodulated and you watch the picture of the studio … note that the picture was transmitted in lines … on hd tv 1080 lines ..

    pardon my poor english

  • billrussell42
    3 days ago

    very complicated to explain in this brief space.

    A digitally encoded signal containing video, color, and sound information is sent on a radio wave, which is picked up by the antenna and sent to the TV over a coax cable. The TV amplifies the RF signal and converts it to a digital pulse train.

    Simply, a bunch of processors convert the compressed and coded digital signal and convert it to brightness and color information for each of the million or so pixels on the screen and send it to the display. And decodes the audio. It does this 60 times a second.

    these have much more info.…

  • Anonymous
    3 days ago

    As far as I know it’s magic.

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