how long is forever ?As long as we are life ? Because nothing is for ever .even sun will die one day .?

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  • Paula
    6 days ago

    Forever is eternity.

    Which is a long long time.

    Curiously, half of eternity is the same length of time as eternity.

    We don’t know if the universe will last forever.

    It goes against our notion of things having an origin (in time) and an ending.

    Our present understanding of physics doesn’t let us answer this question.

    But here is a few of the possibilities…

  • ?
    6 days ago

    Forever is immeasurable and infinite.

    Ever study the concept of infinity in a math class?

    Infinity is also immeasurable, but it is also flexible.

    On a number line, the number of points between 0 and 1 is infinite.

    The number of points between 0 and 1,000,000 on the same number line is also infinite.

    Forever can start from now and go forward in time, or it can go both into the future and into the past.

  • RealPro
    6 days ago

    On a rocky, empty island in the middle of the ocean, there exists a mountain. A small bird stops by every thousand years to sharpen its beak.

    Each time the bird’s beak displaces a few specks of rock. By the time the bird erodes away the mountain, another mountain has risen due to tectonic activity for the bird to continue stopping by. And so on.

    When the last mountain has been worn off, then eternity will have passed.

  • Reporting
    6 days ago

    Imagine a ball of steel 10 times the size of the sun. Once every 10,000 years a butterfly lands on it. One of its wings just touches the surface and gradually wears the ball of steel away, When the ball has gone then thats the end of forever.

  • All hat
    6 days ago

    Forever is a form of the concept “infinity” which is irrational and beyond our ability to comprehend. We can’t know anything about it, not even if such a thing exists at all.

  • Blast
    6 days ago

    Forever in my pov has two perspectives. The general perspective and the personal perspective. Depending on who you are, in the general perspective forever can either mean till the world ends or this life and the afterlife included. In the personal sence forever is until you end or your life here and in the herafter.

  • mbestevez
    6 days ago

    Forever lasts longer than us…We dont know when sun or Universe will stop because we will stop being humans earlier

  • Anonymous
    6 days ago

    Forever and infinity are concepts that the human mind struggle to really understand and associating the words “how long is” with “forever” is a meaningless relationship. My understanding is that “forever” and “infinity”are actually dimensionless concepts

  • Raymond
    6 days ago

    Pointless questions like this is why I have lost all hope in humanity and why I am certain that we shall fail as a species

  • Bill
    6 days ago

    There is life after death. Either in heaven or hell. Your philosophy isn’t right forever continuous even after death.

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