If the same oven is used for 2 hours to bake cookies, how many kilowatt hours (kWh) are used?

a. 600 kWh

b. 50 kWh

c. 10 kWh

d. 100 kWh

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  • ?
    4 weeks ago

    My oven is rated at 5000 W, or 5 kW. Two hours in my oven would correspond to

    c. 10 kWh

  • ivan k
    4 weeks ago

    What kind of cookies are they?  Do they have nuts?

    Are they going to be sold for revenue and what’s the gross margin?What’s the sales tax rate?Do you have re sellers insurance?Has the company done a full patent search to ensure they’re not violating intellectual property rights?  Who is their attorney?We can’t answer this question without some key bits of information.

  • ?
    4 weeks ago

    More information is needed to answer this question:

    kWh is a measure of energy and it derives itself from product of the power (in kW) and the time (hours). Where 1 kWh of energy is derived from a power of 1 kW over 1 hour. 

    Therefore, the answer to your question will be the power (rating) of the oven, in kW (!!!),  multiplied by the 2 hours

  • Philomel
    4 weeks ago

    There is not enough info given. I imagine that this is a follow on question about a previous question which had data about the oven.

  • Whome
    4 weeks ago

    zero if it’s a solar oven 

    zero if it’s a wood fired oven

    zero if it’s a gas fired oven

    we need more information, 

    If it’s an electric oven and we are given the input voltage (E) and the drawn current (I), or resistance (R) so we can calculate amperage via

    E = IR

    The wattage used is E•I or E²/R or I²•R (W)atts

    The energy used is wattage times time or E•I•t or E²t/R or I²Rt W•hr

    where t is in hours

    to convert to kWh, just divide the energy by 1000

    Any of the possible answers could be an oven energy usage, although the larger numbers represent huge industrial type ovens. A typical household oven might be in the 10 kWhr range for two hours of usage. (a 5000 Watt use rate)

    Please remember to select a Favorite Answer from among your results.

  • oubaas
    4 weeks ago

    10 kwh is the most reasonable answer

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    “the same oven” suggests there is a previous part of the question.  You have decided to leave this out, making the question impossible to answer.  Well done!

  • az_lender
    4 weeks ago

    What same oven?  You have to give us the info from the previous question !!!!!!!  duh

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