is it possible to create a time travel machine?

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  • DeMoNsLaYeR575
    5 days ago

    technically but its all theoretical…

    the best and most realistic way would be to “capture” both ends of a worm hole.

    plant one end on earth then carry the other on a space ship…. take that space ship and have it orbit a black hole for a while, the longer it orbits the black hole the farther into the future it goes (compared to earth) its called time dilation.

    once you reached the required time difference you take that wormhole back to earth

    you will then be able to “walk” though and travel back or forward in time…

    but currently wormholes, a ship capable of traveling to a black hole and orbiting it,

    a way to capture a wormhole and a number of other things are impossible or undiscovered

  • ?
    5 days ago

    Maybe yes

  • Anonymous
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