Physics: Two boxes and a Cord?

A. F/M2

B. F/ M1

C. F/M1 + M2

D. 2F/M1+M2

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  • ?
    4 weeks ago

    The masses can be considered as a single mass, since they are connected. (The length of the cord can be arbitrarily short — so short that the masses are effectively one.)

    So the mass being accelerated is M₁ + M₂. F = Ma, so a = F/M = F/(M₁ + M₂).

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  • oldschool
    4 weeks ago

    Both blocks have the same acceleration = F/(M1+M2) which is choice C. if you add the parenthesis. 

  • ?
    4 weeks ago

    By Newton’s Second Law, F = (M₁ + M₂)*a

    and so the acceleration is a = F/(M₁ + M₂) ◄ C closest

  • ?
    4 weeks ago

    option C written this way : a = F/(m1+m2) …(parentheses do matter)

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